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Pick-Up Planning

Pick-Up Planning

Keep Our Community Safe

For the safety of our children and community members, please make sure to adhere to the following requirements:

  • The curb lane in front of the school is strictly for drop-off. If you wish to walk your child to their lineup, or you have a lengthy goodbye routine please park off site.
  • At pickup time in the afternoon, the curb lane has to remain clear (before the crosswalk in the parking lot). This is not only to keep traffic from backing up into the road, but also to allow room for the buses to safely pick up children. There should be no stopping in the drop-off lane unless your child is visibly waiting and ready to get in the car. A significant backup extending into the road can develop extremely quickly.
  • We have supervision at the front of the school which starts each day at 8:25 and lasts until 3:05. At that time a bell rings and children know to report to the office if they have not yet been picked up so that staff can support pick up in rare instances that there has been a mix-up or there has been a delay in picking up a child.
  • There is some parking along Central Saanich Road, and in the lower parking lot. Parking in one of those spots and walking your child to or from the school will help with congestion.

Thanks for working together in the interest of the safety.